3 Ways to Choose Happiness

Bobby McFerrin sang, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” You’re a better leader when you choose happiness and break the glum-leader syndrome. Should you pursue happiness? No. People who focus on being happy are less… Continue reading

5 Steps to Making Habits that Create Your Future

Making habits is easier than breaking habits. “You are what you repeatedly do.”* The things you repeatedly do create your future. Tell me the things you do every day and I’ll tell you… Continue reading

5 Ways to Find Power to Transition with Grace and Confidence

Life is like a circus and leaders are trapeze artists waiting for the right moment to release the bar. You spend your days creating momentum and letting go again and again. Leaders create… Continue reading

What if You Smelled Like Your Attitude

When someone has a bad attitude, we say their attitude stinks. What if you literally smelled like a skunk when you had a bad attitude? Ellysan, one of our granddaughters, couldn’t pronounce skunk.… Continue reading

4 Questions to Ask at the End of the Week for Self-Reflection

One week flows unchanged into the next until you ask different questions. Good intentions fade. Old patterns hang on until you adopt a new approach. 5 uncomfortable reflections: You burned the candle at… Continue reading

Why Self-Care isn’t a 4-Letter Word

I grew up in a world where you did your work without complaining. We didn’t think about self-care. It’s an unrealistic way to live. However, confusion about self-care is destructive. You say, “Take… Continue reading