3 Ways to Listen to Complainers

People want to pour crap in your ears especially if you’re a new boss. Gullible leaders fall prey to complainers. Manipulators gripe to get what they want. People maneuver you into sympathy for… Continue reading

5 Ways to Expose Your Inner Critic

Don’t ignore a loud inner critic. You talk to yourself constantly. It’s often ugly. Leaders overthink, second guess, and criticize themselves. Your worst enemy doesn’t berate you like your own inner voice. Your… Continue reading

2023 Will Be a Success If

A friend asked me to complete the following sentence. “2023 will be a success if _______.” (He included “in my opinion” which released pressure.) New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time. Clarify… Continue reading

Happy New Year 2023

I posted a few articles in December of 2009, but began writing Leadership Freak in earnest January 2010. Since then, I’ve typed over 1.2 million words and posted over 4,000 articles. How did… Continue reading

Nothing But Nuggets from the Top Posts of 2022

Nothing but nuggets from the top posts of 2022: 3 Powerful steps toward confidence “Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Helen Keller #1. Act with imperfect certainty. While making decisions examine… Continue reading

5 Questions for Considering the Alternative

Summers passed slow when I was riding my bike with friends. Those days feel like yesterday. One season blurs into the next. Time gains momentum. I choose to enjoy time passing considering the… Continue reading