In Reality Mr. Spock Couldn’t Make the Simplest Decision

Only 30% of individual behavior is rational — the other 70% is emotional.  (The Gallop 2017 Global Emotions report – registration required for free download.) Mr. Spock: Logic is only part of decision-making. The… Continue reading

Dear Dan: I Manage a Large Facility that’s very Negative

Dear Dan, What’s some advice to give a manager who leads a large facility that’s been very negative for many years? There are many complaints and no teamwork. Sincerely, Dealing with negativity Dear… Continue reading

How to Burst the Illusion of Perceived Knowledge and Help People Grow

Those who don’t do – believe they know. It’s easy to feel you know how-to-do something you’re not doing. The things you aren’t doing seem easier than the things you are doing. Head-knowledge… Continue reading

Today a Reader – Tomorrow a Leader

“Today a reader. Tomorrow a leader.” W. Fusselman Recent Reads: Great at Work: How Top Performers Work Less and Achieve More by Morten Hansen. Hansen describes seven strategies that enable readers to adopt… Continue reading

Dear Dan: How Do I Get My Team to Participate in Meetings

Dear Dan, How do I get my team to participate in meetings so that I am not the only one talking. Sincerely, Looking for participation Dear Looking, Each member on a high performance… Continue reading

7 Ways to Gossip Like a Leader

Malicious gossip builds silos and weakens relationships. There’s research that says gossip has a good side. But I’ve heard people crying in their cubicles because of rumors. Teams move in the direction of… Continue reading