How Leaders Change People By Simply Seeing Them

One summer, years ago, my wife and I stopped yelling at each other when we noticed the windows were up. People change when someone’s watching or listening. I read that people are more… Continue reading

10 Ways to Build a Go-For-It Culture

It’s difficult for go-for-it leaders to imagine that people are waiting for permission to act. What’s wrong with them? You take action without asking permission. Why doesn’t everyone else? 10 ways to build… Continue reading

Permission Seeking – Getting Direction – Making a Difference

You’ve been asking permission since you started talking. Can I have a cookie? Can I go outside? Can I watch TV? Now that we’re all big girls and boys, we need to give… Continue reading

Top Leaders Explain What Fuels Their Energy

Any incompetent fool can run around barking orders like a chihuahua with the self image of a doberman.  Yes, giving direction is part of leadership. But the soft stuff, like igniting, monitoring, and… Continue reading

What’s the Bravest Thing You Could Do Today

Yesterday I asked a question I’ve never asked a client before. “What’s the bravest thing you could do today?” His thinking shifted. His eyes went first to the ceiling and then around the… Continue reading

The Upside of a Down Mood for a Leader’s Team

What happens in the office when a respected boss is in a bad mood? An occasional bad mood is normal, healthy, even useful. The upside of a bad mood: A bad mood… Lowers… Continue reading