3 Things High Performers Hate About Meetings

The likelihood that you run productive meetings is roughly the same as a coin toss.* Keep in mind that the higher you go in organizational life, the more meetings you lead. If you… Continue reading

How to Succeed by Aiming Ridiculously Low

Aiming high is overrated. Aim ridiculously low if you want swift response and immediate action. Big goals are marshmallow clouds on chocolate rain Mondays, unless they distill into small daily behaviors. Ridiculously low:… Continue reading

Beyond Crazy…

Another book giveaway!! The giveaways of Mark Miller’s new book, Leaders Made Here: Building a Leadership Culture, are going so well that we’re doing it again!! 30 more free books!!! Leave a comment on… Continue reading

4 Ways to Improve the Life Sucking Beast of Hierarchy

Hierarchies done poorly are life sucking beasts. But there is no perfect organizational structure. Advantages and dangers of hierarchy #1. Advantage: Clear lines of accountability. You always know who is in charge in… Continue reading

10 Relational-Steps to Improve Performance and Elevate Satisfaction

It’s  energizing to work with people who are devoted to improvement and painful working with self-justifying losers. Anyone who isn’t dedicated to improving their performance ends up: Complacent. Complaining. Mediocre. Blaming. Detached. 10 steps… Continue reading

How to Find the Courage to Fulfill the First Responsibility of Leadership

There are always good reasons to play it safe. Repeating the past may be painful, but at least it’s predictable. Fear is the reason today is like yesterday. Every meaningful act requires courage. Aristotle… Continue reading