The Person You Dance Around Has Control

Marionettes resemble reality but comically fall short. That’s us when others pull the strings. The person you dance around controls you. Realities of control: Governments: Governments control us with fear and reward.  Police… Continue reading

Never Answer the Question You’re Asked Until You do 3 Things

You love giving answers, but great answers to wrong questions are wearisome. Irrelevance is annoying. Wrong questions: Don’t expect honest responses for accusations. “Why did you do that?” might feel genuine to you,… Continue reading

5 Surprising Truths About Feeling Inferior

God and nitwits never feel inferior. Normal folk grapple with feeling inferior. Feeling like you’re not there yet is reality, not inferiority. Feeling like you’ve arrived is delusion. The dog who barks the… Continue reading

7 Ways to Never Feel the Imposter Syndrome Again

The imposter syndrome is feeling like you don’t belong at the table, even though there’s good evidence you do. The imposter syndrome includes nagging fear of being found out. “I am always looking… Continue reading

7 Ways to Teach Humility in Team Meetings

You can be right in many ways and dead wrong in others. I asked a world-renowned leadership expert what humility had to do with success. He said, “Nothing.” Teach humility if results matter.*… Continue reading

7 Questions to Discuss When You Integrate New Team Members

Hire someone who doesn’t fit. A team of round-edges needs a few square-pegs to shake things up. But fasten your seatbelts when you integrate new team members. Hire someone who doesn’t fit if… Continue reading