5 Ways to Choose Generosity

I was heating the grill to cook steaks when our son-in-law pulled in unexpectedly with one of our grandsons. We had two extra steaks in the fridge. But I wasn’t sure I wanted… Continue reading

4 Surprising Things Leaders Aren’t Responsible For

Stress goes up when you take responsibility for things you can’t control. You’re doomed when you confuse ‘accountable for’ with ‘responsible for’. #1. Leaders aren’t responsible for results. “Leaders are not responsible for… Continue reading

Humility: Some Churches Practice Foot Washing

Strange thoughts come to me in the shower. This morning while washing my feet, I thought, “Some churches practice foot washing.” My second thought was, “No way is anyone washing my feet.” They’re… Continue reading

2 Unexpected Ways Success Leads You Astray

Success teaches you things to continue. Failure teaches you things to change. You repeat failure when all you do is study success. Enjoy winning. Learn from failure. #1. Success for one isn’t success… Continue reading


A person who is hard to impress misses life’s great experiences.  A person who is easily impressed notices things that a guarded person never sees.    If you believe being hard to impress… Continue reading

5 Unexpected Questions that can Change Your Life

Questions hold the potential for change but thought without action is defeat. “It is easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking, than it is to think yourself into a new… Continue reading