3 Surprising Truths about Big Goals

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4 Surprises All Leaders Face

Success gives the illusion of competence, but you don’t understand what you haven’t done. New leaders don’t understand leading like new parents don’t understand teenagers. 4 surprises all leaders face: Surprise #1: Weight… Continue reading

Well-Being is a Team Sport™: How to Lead a Winning Team

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How to Ask Questions That Wake-Up People

Life changes after you change the way you think. Questions explode assumptions. You resist statements. But curiosity penetrates defiance. Stupid questions: Stupid questions invite dimwit answers. “Why did you hit your sister?” anticipates… Continue reading

The Best Mentors Do These Six Things

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Dangerous Solutions

Prescriptions are dangerous solutions. It’s scary to read their side-effects. Two people out of a million grew hangnails while on this medication. Wouldn’t you hate to die of hangnails? But seriously, some solutions… Continue reading