The Power of Values-Based Decisions

Life is a series of decisions. Eating broccoli instead of pudding is a decision. So is hitting the snooze button, going to the gym, or stealing office supplies. Decisions are a dance with… Continue reading

Believe in People: The Vitality of Authentic Leadership

You’re a drummer without a band – annoying – until you believe in people. Humanity is essential to… Leaders infuse vitality into stale leadership skills when they believe in people. Let me tell… Continue reading

4 Tools to Keep Meetings On Track

Smart people have lousy meetings. Keeping meetings on track is like organizing a barrel of hummingbirds. The only thing worse than low-participation meetings is one exploding with ideas that ends in confusion. Add… Continue reading

4 Ways to Procrastinate Successfully

Everyone procrastinates, but you can’t make a career of it. I’d be rich if I could find a CPO position – Chief Procrastination Officer. People most likely to procrastinate are impulsive, disorganized, or… Continue reading

3 Emotional Intelligence Practices for Busy Leaders

Emotional intelligence is rocket fuel for competent, intelligent leaders. “CEOs, on average, have the lowest EQ scores in the workplace.” Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Five components of emotional intelligence. “… the most effective leaders… Continue reading

4 Ways to Do Less and Get More Done Today

You get more done when you do less, and you get less done when you do more. Constant busyness produces shallow people. Most of us do too much of what matters less. I… Continue reading