The Secret to Developing Authentic Leaders on Your Team is One Thing

The worst leaders fail to develop others. (Zenger and Folkman) But you can’t leverage weakness to develop strength. Growth is energized by purpose and strength, not weakness and coercion. Authentic development: Warren Bennis… Continue reading

The 3 Ascending Levels of Leadership Success

“Success comes in cans—I can, you can, we can.” Anonymous Level 1 leadership: Individual performance – I can. Meeting expectation earns a paycheck. Exceeding expectation earns opportunity. Don’t seek favors. Earn opportunities. Earn… Continue reading

The Urgency Illusion: Are You Running Around with Your Hair on Fire? Here’s Why!

The urgent has obscured the important if you’re constantly running around with your hair on fire. Distracted leaders finish a few ‘small’ tasks before doing important work. Stop saying, “Let me finish these… Continue reading

How to Maximize the Most Neglected Growth Opportunity in Leadership

Pain doesn’t change you; neither does education, adversity, or social interaction. Only one thing changes you. Attitude – mental disposition – determines the impact of life events. The most neglected growth opportunity Reflect… Continue reading

How to Leverage the Flywheel Advantage for High Performance

Successful leaders energize people. One of the most neglected leadership skills is spinning up flywheels – creating momentum. The Flywheel advantage: “Momentum solves 80% of your problems.” John Maxwell Predictable high performance. Flywheels… Continue reading

How to Escape Toxic Dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction grows in the gap between aspiration and reality. Dissatisfaction that lingers in the gap between aspiration and reality defeats aspiration. You begin to think, “Why try?” Dissatisfaction is boredom with sameness. Dissatisfaction… Continue reading