How Gratitude Resolves the Dark Side of Visionary Leadership

A friend and CEO sent me an email after reading Monday’s post, “Can Gratitude Be a Bad Thing? Yes!” He writes, “Why do I feel this post began with my name?” “I find… Continue reading

The Importance of Leader Humility in a Downturn

Leader humility can seem counterintuitive. Some think of leaders as being strong and humility as being weak. But leader humility simply means feeling and displaying a deep regard for others’ dignity—a respect for… Continue reading

3 Secret Powers of Gratitude that Make you a Superhero Leader

I’m not a fan of superstar leaders because leadership is about others. But grateful leaders are superheroes. 3 secret powers of gratitude #1. Secret power of guidance: Use gratitude to guide decisions. Ask… Continue reading

Can Gratitude Be a Bad Thing? Yes!

You have to be a little nuts to intentionally choose ingratitude. But bad gratitude is a reality. Let’s begin with good gratitude. Good gratitude: “Ingratitude is always a kind of weakness. I have… Continue reading

The Simple Shift that Supercharges the Power of Gratitude

“The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.” William James Criticism cuts. Gratitude heals and empowers. Grateful-for: The simplest form of gratitude is grateful-for. You’re grateful for: A fine meal with… Continue reading

An Actionable Approach to Tough Issues Even Timid Leaders can Employ

The worst agonies of leadership are self-inflicted. Poor results and toxic environments are often the result of misplaced tolerance. What happens when you avoid tough issues: #1. Unintentional affirmation of negative behaviors. Silent… Continue reading