Thought Leaders – An Unused Pond Stinks

Occasionally, I’m asked if I consider myself to be a thought leader. Some ask how I became a thought leader. Recently, I was asked where the courage to be a thought leader comes… Continue reading

A Five-Minute Creativity Workout that Helps you Change the Future

Unimaginative leaders repeat the past. Creative leaders change the future. Creative leaders are better problem solvers. “The only sustainable competitive advantage – for individuals and companies – is creativity,” Josh Linkner “With creativity,… Continue reading

Mental Strength: How to Build Confidence that Fortifies Against Burnout

Lack of confidence causes stress; prolonged stress causes burnout. According to a Wall Street Journal article, a recent Harvard Medical School study revealed that 96% of senior leaders reported feeling burned out on some level,… Continue reading

Lack of Sleep is Keeping Me Awake

Pressure to get enough sleep keeps me awake. They say lack of sleep can kill you. If it doesn’t kill you, it gives you heart disease, stroke, cancer, dementia, or diabetes. If those… Continue reading

The Most Powerful Way to Extend Influence and Expand Potential

I owe most of the relationships I enjoy to the persistence of others. I tend to look at new people like cows look at new gates, skeptically. Connection assumes generous intention. Healthy relationship… Continue reading

How to Respond Skillfully to the Three Types of Failure

The most instructive moment in organizational life is failure. Success teaches you to repeat things, but responsible failure turns on the lights. 4 things NOT to do when someone fails: Don’t cover your… Continue reading