What Shape is Your Leadership – A Team Activity

What shape is your leadership? This isn’t about being physically thin or round. What shape is most appealing to you? (Pick a shape you prefer before you read further.) Yesterday I gave a… Continue reading

5 Leadership Styles – Which Best Suits You?

All ethical styles of leadership have a place in organizational life, including benevolent dictatorships. High school football coaches and symphony conductors often require obedience with little discussion.   Diversity: I ask audiences to… Continue reading

How to Stop Crushing Dreams and Maximize Aspiration

Energize people by speaking into their aspiration. A young employee says they aspire to become a manager. You view them through the lens of “NEEDS to IMPROVE.” Maybe they need to complain less… Continue reading

The Path From Empathy to Accountability

The ability to manage schedules, operate machines, or take someone’s temperature has nothing to do with leading. The challenges of leadership are human, not technical. Highly skilled people get promoted to leadership because… Continue reading

3 Lessons from the Gratitude Project

I’m keeping a gratitude journal for three weeks. Every evening or morning I use a pen to express thanks for three things in a journal. 3 Lessons from the Gratitude Project #1. Community:… Continue reading

Why Teams Fail

The things you don’t do are more damaging – in the long-term – than the things you do. Ignorance prevails when you don’t-do. You only learn when you do-and-fail. Teams that punish failure… Continue reading