Finding Purpose: 5 Practical Suggestions You Can Do Today

Work doesn’t give you purpose. You give meaning to work. “The purpose of life is not to be happy, but to matter…” Leo Rostein Contribution makes you matter. Seek to contribute. The affirmation… Continue reading

An Actionable Solution to the Mistakes Leaders Make

There are many paths to success, but the options for screwing up are limitless. You screw up by leaving things undone, or you do the right thing in the wrong way. It’s usually… Continue reading

5 Secrets to Working Relationships

I love the feeling of being seen and recognized when I show up at any place of business. We frequent the local Rita’s Italian Ice which is run by a couple from India.… Continue reading

4 Ways to Quickly Change the Future

The terrible thing about the future is its predictability. Yesterday returns until you change the future today. Lousy relationships will be disappointing tomorrow unless you treat people differently today. Boring meetings will drag… Continue reading

4 Ways to Lead with Courage Today

Skills are a car without gas. Courage to act is gas. Imagine you learn how to make the best possible decisions. Apart from courage you’re still stuck. Winston Churchill said, “Courage is rightly… Continue reading

5 Ways to Build the Team You Want

Low-functioning teams cause constant frustration. High-functioning teams get stuff done. 5 ways to build the team: #1. Know what you want. The team you want: Delivers results when you aren’t involved. Enjoys their… Continue reading