Critics and coaches

Critics tell you what you did wrong.  Coaches point out the wrong and tell you how to be better.

It’s easy for leaders to become “critical critics” because their nature is seeing problems that need solutions.

Rather than focusing on problems, great leaders speak to potential and create new strengths in others.

Criticism is easy because it’s about the past.  But the past can’t be changed.  Coaching is hard because it’s about an unseen, unreached future.  In other words, criticism is about what was.  Coaching is about what could be.

“Being forward-looking most differentiates leaders.”
Barry Posner

Great leaders face-forward by focusing on values, strategies, and clearly defined objectives.

For example, critical parents focus on behaviors.  Coaching parents focus on objectives.  Additionally, critical bosses focus on missed deadlines.  Coaching bosses focus on time-management skills.

Parents, bosses, CEO’s and boards reach higher with coaching.