Communication blockers

“One of the basic mistakes that psychologists have documented is that we tend to blame people and their personalities for problems and ignore situations.” Chip and Dan Heath

Complaints about your communication style may not be about you.  They may stem from your situation.

The ding of an email, a buzzing cell phone, and a ringing desk phone are communication blockers.  A computer screen between you and your office guest is another communication barrier.

Leaders reach higher by removing communication blockers.

Turning off your computer speakers, silencing your cell phone, and turning your back to your computer screen are situational factors that enhance communication.

Give your spouse, office mate, boss, or employee your undivided attention by controlling the communication situation.  Let your son or daughter know how important they are to you by removing distractions when you’re listening.  Turn off the TV.  Go to a quiet spot in the house.

Leadership Freak,

Dan Rockwell