2.5 minutes that changed my day – Community update


Doing what you can to stand

On March 10, 2010 I posted, “2.5 minutes that changed my day.”  It generated some interesting conversation about the value of getting up and moving around in the office. Roger advocated for the benefits of standing up while working in his office. The picture to the left is Roger on sight in Tanzania. He figured out how to stand up and work. Yup, that’s a printer box under his laptop!  Too cool.

Thanks to Roger, I’m standing at the kitchen counter with my laptop.  I’ve tipped my laptop away from me by elevating the front with two books.  Roger, you may find the keyboard more comfortable if you tip the laptop the other way. (Just a thought)

home office

Elevated home workspace

Here is Roger’s elevated home workspace.  It’s changed a bit since the picture but you can see he elevated the workspace with some crates.  Roger says, “I can REALLY recommend standing up, makes a BIG difference to posture, concentration, telephone conversations (no lounging back in a chair!)”

Roger, thanks for contributing to the community. Here’s to your health!

About 100 Leadership Freak readers downloaded the stop watch I recommend or went to the Internet timer.

What are you doing to get out of the chair and stay active?

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