Changing your vision

Ben asked, “How do I know when I should change my vision?” It’s a great question that potentially impacts everything we do.

Here’s what I think.

Values drive mission and vision. Richard, a LF reader correctly observed in the comment section of, “Into the Unknown,” that values change infrequently and never on a wholesale basis.

Since mission and vision are driven by values, I’ve made this conclusion. When your values change – change your vision.

I value generous knowledge sharing and relationship development. Currently, my greatest opportunity to express those values is by leveraging Internet technology. Leveraging a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and E-mail are components of a vision that expresses my values.

The only thing with the power to change vision is re-vision of values.

Changing vision without changing values is like dressing a pig in a tux. He might look good for a while but not for long.


What do you think?  When should individuals or organizations change their vision? How?


Leadership Freak

Dan Rockwell