Explosive personal growth

Growth can be gradual. We often grow like plants, imperceptibly. Gradual growth is stable growth that tracks along the same path.

Gradual growth is more of the same only better. For example, learning not to say “umm” during presentations represents gradual growth. One day we look around and realize we’ve changed.

Explosive growth is chaotic and disorienting.

Explosive growth isn’t more of the same. It isn’t gradual. For example, giving your first public presentation isn’t progress along the same trajectory. It’s a new direction that requires new, untested skills.

Life invites you to explosive growth. It comes dressed in the garb of untested opportunity, challenge, crisis, or tragedy. The skills and attitudes you learned during gradual growth help. However, explosive growth requires a leap from the known into the unknown.

6 Things that hinder explosive personal growth

  1. Inordinate need to succeed
  2. Contentment with established methods
  3. Self-confidence turned to apathy
  4. Judging yourself by the opinions of others
  5. Need for approval
  6. Laziness

6 Things that expedite explosive personal growth

  1. Comfort saying, “I don’t know.”
  2. Coaching
  3. Confidence in your ability to learn and acquire new skills
  4. Questions
  5. Vision for expanded influence
  6. Understanding the context of explosive personal growth is discomfort


In the past I believed personal growth was gradual and predictable. However, I’ve grown in my thinking. My experience indicates that life is littered with uncomfortable moments that are opportunities for explosive personal growth.

Additionally, I used to believed doing more of the same was the way to face discomfort. I called it determination. My experience indicates clinging to established attitudes and skills may hinder rather than expedite growth.

Finally, I believe explosive personal growth begins with your decision to embrace rather than reject discomfort.

What hinders explosive personal growth?

What expedites explosive personal growth?