Developing other leaders

Thinking back on my past I can identify people who developed my potential and skill. It’s a pleasure to think back on their positive influence in my life.

First of all, leadership development is never an accident. It’s always intentional. Additionally, from a business viewpoint, leadership development always aligns with organizational values, mission, and vision. Now, I’ll share part of my story.

There are people in my past who believed in me. They saw things in me that I didn’t see in myself. Of all the things that changed me, this is the most powerful. If you want to develop a leader, believe in their potential. Look beyond what is to what could be. With that in mind, focus on strengths not weaknesses.

There are people in my past who gave me opportunity. They had courage to let me try things I hadn’t tried before. Here is a rule of thumb. When someone is 70% to 80% ready, stretch them with new opportunities that develop their skills and potential.

There are people in my past that instructed and corrected me. They exercised positive impact even during negative correction because I was completely convinced they had my best interest in mind.

Here is a final word of encouragement. Feeling unworthy or unqualified may hinder you from developing others. Or perhaps, you fear not having all the answers. Answer this fear by simply sharing what you know. Think of it as pouring from your cup into theirs.


What can individuals do to help other leaders develop?