Grateful for gratitude

We play a part in the progress of people around us.

Our evaluations, suggestions, and tweaks of their behavior may or may not be helpful.

One thing is certain. Positive comments, gratitude, and encouragements have power to fuel another’s fire. (I’m speaking in generalities and not absolutes.)

My own story

I’m grateful for the gratitude and encouragement I receive from the Leadership Freak community. It’s energizing. It’s encouraging. It’s motivating.

I know intrinsic motivation is at the core of our behaviors. However, the positive tweets, emails, and comments both on my blog and on the phone bolster my courage to continue with the experiment I call Leadership Freak.

I have been thinking of the power of positive comments. They add fuel to a fire that already exists. They make the path more exciting. Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not thinking about quitting with Leadership Freak. However, I have been thinking about how different I’d be right now without all the positive reinforcement. How much more difficult writing the Leadership Freak blog would be.

This post is not a lame attempt to elicit gratitude from the Leadership Freak community. It is an attempt at reminding all of us, me included, that we have the power to help others along their path.

Positive reinforcements fuel the fire of others. I’m encouraging you not to be stingy with gratitude, encouragement, and positive feedback. Leverage your power for good. It’s incredibly easy.

Perhaps the greatest untapped resource in the world is the untapped  influence of unspoken words that could have fueled others.

I’m grateful for gratitude.

Leadership Freak,

Dan Rockwell