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Feedback: Do These 3 Things Before You Say a Word

The heart of feedback has nothing to do with correct phrasing, strategies, or techniques.

The heart of feedback is being human.

1. Get right with yourself.
2. Put your fixer to bed.
3. Choose how you show up.

16 Ways to Give Constructive Feedback Like a Human

You probably feel uncomfortable giving constructive feedback. Don’t carelessly it quenches enthusiasm.

Done skillfully it increases someone’s confidence.

Here are 16 ways to give constructive feedback like a human.

How to Seek Feedback Like a Leader

Don’t ask something stupid like, “How am I doing,” when seeking feedback.

Here are three practical questions to ask when seeking feedback.

Feedback: Solving the Most Common Failure in Leadership

Research indicates seeking feedback is the behavior leaders fail at the most.

The mirror you use to see yourself is distorted.

Seeking feedback expands potential.

After Giving Tough Feedback Good Bosses Do 5 Things

Bosses think, “I’m kicking you in the pants and I want you to like it.” Bosses call it constructive feedback. Maybe it feels like a punch to the face? People bleed after tough… Continue reading

How to Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors

We all do things that add weight to the journey. We don’t notice until consequences camp in the front yard.

Self-defeating behaviors corrode success even though they seem helpful.