Good Pride

Pride can be a vice or a virtue.

Pride becomes vice when it centers on your accomplishments. Pride is a virtue when it appreciates others.

Pride is a vice when it reflects an inflated opinion of oneself. Leaders that believe they’ve succeeded without others are proud (vice).

Pride is a virtue when it reflects appreciation for others. Saying, “I’m proud of your efforts,” or, “I’m proud to be part of this organization,” is virtuous. Some prefer to use the term “thankful” for virtuous pride. They say, “I’m thankful for your efforts.”

Hearing someone say, “Are you proud of yourself,” may have negative or positive connotations. As a virtue, being proud of yourself indicates you’re actions and thoughts are noble.

Are you proud of the hopes and aspirations you have for the achievement of others? Or, do your aspirations include stepping on them?

Are you proud of your own personal dream? Can you unashamedly share it with others? If others heard your dream, would it gladden or sadden them. Noble dreams center on contributing. Ignoble dreams focus on getting.


Are you proud of yourself? Is it a vice or a virtue?