How to get more power?

You should want more power because power is the ability to get things done.

When people say they don’t want power, chances are they are reacting against the abuse of power. For example, Hitler used power for evil ends. Additionally, we despise politicians and business leaders when they abuse power by exploiting others and serve themselves.

Power and Fear

The more you grasp power the more it grasps you.  Those afraid of losing power feel the need to cling to it. You demonstrate you’ve lost power when you manipulate, demand, give ultimatums, and withhold power from others,

When leaders cling to power their personal limits become organizational limits.

You can always spot leaders afraid of sharing power; they are over worked and feel under appreciated.

Getting power

I think it’s normal and healthy to want power. The issue isn’t wanting power it’s how you get it and how you use it.

You enhance your power by giving it away. Real power isn’t about what you do but about what you teach others to do.

You extend your power when you enable others. The secret to getting more power is helping others achieve and succeed.

You establish your power by upholding high standards and enabling positive results. People with power aren’t push overs. Empower others that align with your values. Never empower others that reject organizational mission and vision.


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