Top 20 Stupid Leader Tricks

Never underestimate the potential and power of a good mistake.

Wisdom is acquired when you learn from your mistakes. James Joyce wisely observes, “A man’s errors are his portals of discovery.”

On the other hand, it’s less painful if you learn from another’s blunders. With that in mind, you’ll be wise beyond your years if you avoid these classic stupid leader tricks.


  1. Holding grudges
  2. Withholding an apology
  3. Demanding what you should earn
  4. Hording knowledge
  5. Refusing to delegate
  6. Delegating tasks without explaining vision
  7. Allowing weaknesses in one area of person’s life to obscure their strengths in another
  8. Clinging to Power rather than giving it
  9. Saying yes when you mean no
  10. Talking too much, deciding too slow, and doing too little
  11. Making statements before asking questions
  12. Adding minor corrections or improvements to another’s work
  13. Making assumptions without information
  14. Getting even
  15. Blaming others rather than taking responsibility
  16. Putting off tough conversations
  17. Failure to establish clear deliverables that include milestones and deadlines
  18. Accepting mediocrity
  19. Mistaking busy for effective
  20. Pretending you know when you don’t

Creating this list was fun and didn’t take long. If making mistakes makes us wise, I’m a genius!

There are many opportunities for conversation on this article.

What stupid leader tricks can you add to the list?

Can you explain, expand, or illustrate one of the stupid leader tricks I’ve mentioned?