Stop living a lie!

Are you still sacrificing the things that matter most on the altar of urgency?

Do you say, “Things will be different tomorrow?”

I have friends that are sacrificing their spouse, children, friends, and health while they repeat the lie, “things will be different tomorrow.” They seem to believe the illusion that things magically change.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Are things different? Or? Is it more of the same?

Things don’t change.

If you’re living the lie, things aren’t the problem, you are.

Things won’t change until you change.

If you’re habitually burning others up and burning yourself out, repeat after me. “I say I value my family, but I don’t.” “I say my health is important, but it isn’t.”

You can’t wait to build your future. You already built it yesterday.

Yesterday you honored things by giving them your attention and energy. The things you honored yesterday define you today. Ultimately, the things that define you control you. For example, when career defines you it controls you.

A dear friend said, “I see what you’re saying Dan but I can’t seem to break the pattern.”

It’s true, shifting from sleep-walking to wide-awake-living is like facing the glare of florescent lights after a long night in darkness. It hurts.

Stop lying start truthing

Begin truthing by thoughtfully uncovering, intentionally embracing, and gradually integrating your personal values.

First, uncover neglected values by exploring your frustrations. Are you frustrated that you aren’t building relationships? Bingo – a neglected value!

Second, tell a friend you’ve re-embraced a neglected value that shriveled and died in the darkness of daily stress. Perhaps it’s time to find an accountability partner?

Lastly, begin rejecting the values others impose on you by gradually and gently making life-choices based on your personal values.


How can leaders successfully implement personal change?

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