Six Energizing Ways to Let Go and Start Again

Let go of the past

After establishing goals and vision the most important thing you can do to create your future is letting go of the past.

Let go of past successes. Sure, gain confidence from the idea that you can succeed. However, don’t rest on past success.

Let go of past failures. Sure, get wiser from your failures. However, fear of failing is a ball-n-chain.

More letting go suggestions.

Let go of independence and embrace inter-dependence. Lone rangers are alone and alone ain’t no fun. Open up to your spouse, a trusted colleague, mentor, or coach.

Let go of creating a public image. You’re wasting valuable creativity and emotional energy by faking it. Just be you. I’m not suggesting you be the ugly you, the mean, angry you. Be the best you and acknowledge to yourself and a few friends that you have a dark side.

Let go of a low view. Your success in 2011 is more about people and less about projects. Your personal vision is too low if it’s about promotions, achievements, and projects. Give yourself to others.

Finally, let go of self-doubt. Believe you matter because you do.


What success-enhancing suggestions can you offer leaders?


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