Fatigue and self-acceptance

Persistent fatigue is your opportunity to say something stupid, do something wrong, lose your temper, forget details, and destroy your health. (Adapted from Harvard Health)

Driving to success may drive you past tired to persistent fatigue. If it does, success is at risk.

Your desire to please others may drive you to exhaustion. However, exhausted people-pleasers don’t please any one.

Worst of all, in a world preaching self-acceptance, those living in persistent fatigue clearly reject themselves. They reject the limits of humanity.

I suggest persistent fatigue reflects short-sighted, fear-based, self-rejection.

Defeating Fatigue

Doing something new may defeat fatigue. For example, if you’re social, leave work and spend time with friends.

Give yourself permission to take a 10 minute mid-morning and mid-afternoon walk. Slow your pace, breathe deeply, and take in the sights.

Visit your doctor. Chronic fatigue may indicate sleep or other health issues.

If you let your hobby slip, find it again. If you don’t have one, finding one may help.

Most importantly, accept who you are. Freely embrace the limitations of your humanity. “No Limits,” at best, is a good marketing slogan. Don’t believe it.


What suggestions do you have for those with persistent fatigue?