Six Steps to Organizational Excellence

Leadership Freak blog posts usually focus on personal rather than organizational development.

However, Dr. Mrunal Asher, a long-time reader and contributor of the Leadership Freak blog sent me his paper, “Six Essential Steps to Organizational Excellence.” I was interested to read it and I decided to share parts of it with the Leadership Freak community.

The six essential factors of organization excellence:


  1. Right Customer Focus which includes identifying and then connecting customers with relevant products and services.
  2. Consolidation of Current Business including restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and more.
  3. Operational Efficiency across the organization. Dr. Asher suggests this step may be most important for long-term profitability and includes things like TQM and benchmarking activities.
  4. Exploring New Markets.
  5. Human Resource Management which includes attracting, retaining, developing, and career planning.
  6. Corporate Image Building by developing the company’s reputation in the mind of customers.

These can be considered the backbone for any business to succeed in fierce competitive environments.

Dr. Asher suggests that each step needs to be implemented simultaneously not as successive steps. This means successful organizations always move forward on multiple fronts at the same time.

I’m interested in your feedback on Dr. Asher’s six “steps.” Would you add one to the mix? Which are most important and/or most difficult? Thank you for your feedback.