Frustration is a good thing?

Frustration, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and discontent are good things, in the face of mediocrity.

I’ll concede that contentment is usually better than frustration. It expresses self-confidence, self-knowledge, and acceptance of the way things are.

On the other hand, I love seeing frustration. I don’t rush to end it. I love it when a project leader is frustrated that things aren’t just right. Frankly, if you aren’t frustrated, I’m frustrated you’ve accepted mediocrity. Passion creates frustration.

3 reasons leaders feel frustration

  1. Leaders lean toward being control freaks. Trying to control things is frustrating. Yes, I know the only thing I can control is me. I keep telling myself that but somehow it doesn’t always sink in.
  2. Working to change things is seldom easy and often frustrating.
  3. When you’re passionate about excellence it’s disappointing to miss it.

I know it’s not popular to confess dissatisfaction and frustration. I know I should have more self-confidence, calmness, and contentment. But I’m not where some think I should be. Frankly, I share their assessment. Sometimes I find my lack of contentment frustrating.

6 ways to deal with frustration

  1. Shift from I don’t like to I want.
  2. Shift from the past to the future.
  3. Focus on what not who.
  4. Speak your frustrations in safe environment. A friend may help you realize you’re out of balance.
  5. Frequently stop and celebrate small wins.
  6. Don’t express disappointment in the heat of the moment. Your outbursts cause people to protect themselves from you.

How do you respond when things aren’t going as well as you hoped?