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How to Lead Successfully in a Global Environment

It’s impossible to over-communicate when teams are far away from each other.

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Organizational Structure: A Living Dog is Better than a Dead Lion

Dead structure means people waste energy stumbling over trivialities.

Dynamic organizational structure enables people to flourish.

10 questions for building dynamic organizational structure…

Working From Home isn’t Working

Working from home and productivity. “In-person time helps build relationships and get more done.” Mark Zuckerberg In the last six months Meta has effectively cut about 30% of its workforce. In November 2022,… Continue reading

Well-Being is a Team Sport™: How to Lead a Winning Team

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7 Small Acts of Defiance

Small acts of defiance, like the murder of a watch, build an oasis of control. My smart watch died a quiet death on the table by my bed. It hasn’t buzzed or beeped… Continue reading

Leading Inclusion: Three Ways to Make Your Organization Inclusive

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