How to define an opportunity?

Many people have more to do than they can get done. Translation, you’re spread so thin you can’t be great at anything.

Your best is average when you’re over committed. Therefore, opportunities aren’t simply more to do.

A Definition:

An Opportunity is your best opening to add value to people in ways that best align with who you are and most energize your spirit. 

Opportunities are found in your greatest opening to give not your greatest chance to get. I should add, getting is always a component of an opportunity even if getting is simply personal satisfaction.


Know “you” before you “do.” You can’t seize an opportunity until you get a handle on who you are. The best way I can think for you to know who you are begins with self-reflection. In addition, embrace your own passions not the passions people want you to have.


Adding value is providing benefit. The person being served and the person serving determine the meaning of value. For example, a lazy person might define value as you doing work for them that they could do themselves. In reality, that’s minimizing their value. In this case, it’s not an opportunity because it doesn’t add value.


Opportunities fuel energy; they don’t drain it. Sure, everyone does things that aren’t that much fun. However, a basic rule of thumb is you are on the right track when your energy is going up. You are most likely on the wrong track when you are consistently drained.

A key:

In order to leverage best opportunities say no to average ones.


Which part of my definition of opportunity resonates with you?

How do you define opportunity?


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