Who is your organization becoming

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Great vision ends in being not doing; it surpasses activities. Great vision answers the questions who do we want to become.

What you want to do is important; who you want to become essential.

Products and sums:

Organizations have identity in the present and trajectory toward the future that goes beyond products and tasks. Organizations are the sum of individual behaviors, attitudes, and intentions. Products are expressions of organizational being.

Families, teams, divisions, entire organizations create who they are with the sum of their individual beliefs, behaviors, interactions, and achievements.

Organizations and products:

Products are expressions of organizational being. Great leaders build organizations.

Great leaders impact interactions, intentions, and beliefs. Most importantly, leaders help individuals believe powerful truths like agency, gratitude, improvement, initiative, and service.

Vision finds expression in doing – positive impact – making a difference.  More importantly, great vision takes people within organizations on a journey toward a new way of being.


When you ask who we want to be, values become guiding principles. Values are best understood in the behaviors that support an organization on its path to being.


These ideas impact hiring, firing, interventions, training, rewards – the way we produce products. In addition, they impact the way we think and feel about ourselves on the journey. In the end they define success.


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