How to Stop Gift Giving at Work

I’m against gift giving at work. If you currently give gifts at work, be a scrooge and end the practice.

Find an authentic alternative for spreading holiday cheer. For example, adopt a poor family and buy gifts for them rather than each other.

Giving gifts is one of my favorite things. When our children were young, Christmas gift giving was magic. Some year’s money was tight and we added homemade gifts to store-bought. During prosperous years we probably over did it.

Generosity invigorates and delights everyone. However…

Awkward obligation:

Office gift giving is an awkward obligation where gifts are usually not gifts. They’re obligatory strokes and butt-kisses. Sometimes you give gifts to people you don’t like.

If you are personal friends with co-workers, bosses, or support staff, give them gifts outside the office. Make it personal and private.

5 rules for giving gifts in the office:

  1. Never give personal gifts in the office.
  2. If you don’t have authority, follow the current gift giving protocols. Rocking the boat isn’t worth it.
  3. Gift giving in small offices makes sense.
  4. If you must give gifts, give the same one to everyone.
  5. Office parties are the best alternative to gift giving.

Point of Clarity:

I’m all about generosity. I love giving and continue learning the joy of receiving.

Office gift giving isn’t gift giving because it’s obligatory.

What are your thoughts on giving gifts in the office?