The Power of Accidents

***Danger! This post is 400 words. Danger***

Incompetence makes you push challenges away. Inadequacy causes you to pull back. “Not good enough” (perfectionism) is the reason you don’t start.

I’ve been putting off this post for a few days because I feel incompetent and inadequate to write it. I can’t write it good enough.

Radical Change:

Life radically changed on Nov. 20, 2011 when I lay bleeding, bruised, and broken in dried leaves after a car accident. I don’t remember what happened to cause the accident but I remember what the accident caused.

People rose up in support of my family and me. This inadequate note is for my online friends; people I’ve never met face to face who reached out to us with generous compassion.

A Trio:

A trio of people led the way, Becky Robinson, Jesse Lyn Stoner, and Lolly Daskal. The first phone message I heard was from Becky, “Are you ok? We care for you. What can we do?” There were more conversations, cards, and emails from them and many others.


Mike Henry Sr. and the Lead Change Group joined Lolly, Jesse, and Becky by providing a channel for financial contributions to cover uninsured costs.

Jesse, Lolly, and Becky posted articles, along with many others. Contributions ranging from $5.00 to $5,000 started coming in, nearly $20,000 in all. It’s overwhelming. Many of you leveraged your influence on our behalf. People from around the world participated. I wish I could list everyone.

It’s 6:50 a.m. The sun is peaking over the cold mountains in central Pennsylvania. Once again, I’m warmed and teary eyed thinking about the outpouring of love and support that fills our hearts.


You change me. You’re teaching me about compassion, initiative, and doing what you can to make a difference. Great stories make us great; this is a story I’ll tell my grandchildren.

I feel honored and I honor you. I’m privileged to receive your love.

Thank you.


I’m getting better; still using a walker and wheelchair. But, I’m improving. Indications are a full recovery is possible. They tell me it takes about six months. Two down; four to go. The words are patience and obedience (do everything the doctors say).

There’s a bit more information on my accident on this article I wrote from a hospital bed: “The Reason I haven’t Posted in a Week.” (warning: it’s poorly written)