Yippee! It’s Whining Wednesday!

Why haven’t you complained that we haven’t had a complaint day in months?

Give yourself permission to complain. Don’t be chicken. Let it fly! An occasional gripe session cleanses the soul.


  1. Absolutely NO solutions on Whining Wednesday! Complaint day isn’t fix day.
  2. Feel free to remain anonymous. Give yourself a fake ID, if you want.
  3. Tell the truth, don’t temper it.
  4. Just for today, feel free to blame, but don’t name others.

I posted this whining complaint on May 5, 2010, it still drives me nuts:

It really ticks me off when those going nowhere criticize those working to go somewhere. Who do they think they are? How can they give themselves permission to be arm chair quarterbacks? Honestly, when I listen to the visionless criticize vision; I want to ask:

  1. “Where are you going in life?”
  2. “What happens to those who listen to you?”
  3. “Who are you lifting higher?”

Here’s a couple more complaints:

It really ticks me off when malicious people ask questions with a hidden agenda. Have you had someone ask what seemed to be an honest question only to learn they used your answer against you? Jerks!

I hate it when an honest answer is twisted and given to the boss to make someone look bad. Backstabbing asses!

It really ticks me off that most of what I don’t like in life is in me not others. Damn that stings!

I silently chuckle when someone points out one of my short comings. It wouldn’t be polite to laugh out loud. When they’re done, I think is that the best you got? My list of complaints about me is way longer than yours.


You’ll be nodding your head when you read the awesome complaints folks listed on my Facebook page.

Go ahead. It feels good to let it out. What ticks you off?