Monthly Archive: May, 2013

10 Ways to Disrupt Successfully

Embrace the power of disruption or tomorrow will be today, again. More of the same produces more of the same. All leaders disrupt. Successful disruption: Disruption makes new futures possible. But, disruption “gone… Continue reading

Giving Liars a Second Chance

Liars lie for gain, protection, or harm. Lies are self-serving manipulations that violate trust. Some lies are malicious. Others are spoken for personal gain. Still others are silent omissions. The lies we tell… Continue reading

When a Second Chance is Worth the Risk

Leave a comment today to become eligible for one of twenty-five complimentary copies of, “Leaders Open Doors,” by Bill Treasurer. **** Leaders often fail at letting others fail. But, only perfect people don’t… Continue reading

Growth Hurts: Create Positive Discomfort

Growth hurts. Doubt and stress describe growth points. “Growth and comfort do not coexist.” Ginny Rometty, CEO of IBM. Growth feels good after, not during. Growth occurs when you think or do things… Continue reading

Help for Blabbermouths

Raise your hand if you have a boss who talks too much. Blabbermouth bosses exasperate everyone. Raise your hand if you’re a boss. I bet you talk too much, too. As a general… Continue reading

Make Your Number One – Number Two

Image source “How do you get people to pull you, rather than you pushing them?” The question came from a leader in South Africa on a recent Skype call. Don’t waste your leadership… Continue reading