Pull Me – Push You

Passionate people pull; dispassionate need pushed.

steam engine


Passion pulls leaders into the future. But, passion gone wrong is pushy.

The more you push, the more you need to push.

Once you start pushing people, they start dragging their feet. How do you feel when someone pushes you?

The secret of leadership is helping others uncover what pulls them into the future and get them doing it.

If you’re pushing people you haven’t tapped their inner engine.

Seven ways to protect pull:

  1. Don’t impose your hopes on others. I’ve hoped someone would feel a passion for leadership like me. But, I missed the boat and in the process, lost their potential.
  2. Trust the strengths of others. Leaders who think they’re good at everything diminish the value of others. Enthusiasm gone wrong pulls into incompetence. Passion wrongly makes you feel you’re good at everything.
  3. Enjoy the ride. Don’t tie personal identity to performance and results. The question is, “Are you doing what you love,” even if you aren’t getting all the results you want. Average results with joy are better than stellar results with misery.
  4. Adapt less. Care what others want, but don’t be controlled by it. Success always includes adapting, but the secret is not losing yourself along the way.
  5. Encourage constructive dissent from others. Listen to their voice if you want them to find theirs.
  6. Stop for awhile. Lack of reflection coupled with too much action destroys passion. Did you notice you’re running in circles? When you see someone running in circles, stop them, even if they don’t want to stop.
  7. Learn from failure and evaluate systems and processes. Create structures that release passion rather than stifle it. Encountering the same frustrations over and over reflects poor leadership.

There’s nothing like being pulled into the future.

How do leaders stifle pull?

How can leaders fuel pull in others?