7 Qualities Servant-Leaders Expect From Others

Servant-leaders fail when they tolerate self-serving in others.

Don’t be the only servant in the room.

One-way service is naive, wasteful, and irresponsible.

pour into others

The ultimate goal of servant-leadership isn’t serving for the sake of serving it’s growing servant-leaders.

Serve others so others will serve others.

It’s foolish to serve those who enjoy being served but hate serving others.

The best way to serve those who serve themselves is to challenge self-centeredness and develop servant-leaders.

Effective servant-leadership:

  1. Serve those who serve others.
  2. Challenge self-serving behaviors.
  3. Teach servant-leadership.
  4. Encorporate the terms serve, serving, and servant in conversations and presentations.
  5. Ask powerful questions:
    1. How can I serve?
    2. How can you serve?
    3. How can we serve each other?

In organizations where some believe in servant-leadership and others serve themselves, abuse is inevitable.

7 qualities servant-leaders expect from others:

  1. Commitment to serve the best interest of organizations and others.
  2. Intolerance of helplessness and over-protection.
  3. Commitment to bring up tough issues gracefully.
  4. Dedication to maximize the potential of others by providing opportunities for growth.
  5. Resolve to develop the strengths of others and help them find their sweet spot.
  6. Practice curiosity and listening. Don’t be the only one asking questions.
  7. Passion for community building.

The most important thing about us is the way we treat each other while we do the work.

Don’t be the only one in the room dedicated to servant-leadership. Expect teammates to display servant-leader qualities. If you’re the only one in your organization or team dedicated to servant leadership, you’re frustrated, frazzled, and ineffective.

3 ways to move others toward servant-leadership:

  1. Start conversations about servant-leadership in small groups and with people of influence.
  2. Model servant-leadership, including the tough parts.
  3. Attend the World Leaders Conference. I’d love to meet you there. It’s a conference dedicated to the principles of servant-leadership. 20% discount code: wlcadvocate

What do servant-leaders expect from others?

How can servant-leaders develop servant leaders?