Half the Team Doesn’t Trust the Boss

Over 50% of employees don’t trust their boss.*

people stand with leaders who stand with them

5 reasons leaders seem dishonest:

  1. Pretending things are better than they are.
  2. Holding your nose in the air. Arrogant leaders sacrifice others to protect their image.
  3. Remaining isolated. You have to be seen to be trusted. Distance creates distrust.
  4. Guarding the good ole boys club. Everyone sees how you pretend your team is always right.
  5. Withholding information. People wonder what you’re up to when they don’t know what you’re up to.

12 ways to create feelings of trust:

  1. Confront problems. Back-peddlers can’t be trusted. When tough issues come up, stand up.
  2. Demonstrate care for people. Engage in behaviors that express compassion, empathy, and understanding. Successful leaders show heart. You’re more likely to do what’s best for people you care for.
  3. Never put others down, even when you’re dealing with performance issues.
  4. Stand with your team, when things go wrong. Cockroach-leaders run for cover when the lights come on. Don’t deny things went wrong. Loyalty matters most when times are tough.  People stand with leaders who stand with them.
  5. Explore options.
  6. Avoid snap decisions.
  7. Be sad with optimism. Wipe that fake smile off your face. Don’t pretend that dark days aren’t that dark, but keep pressing into the future, whatever you do.
  8. Admit you don’t know. “Fake it till you make it” never works when it comes to answers. If you don’t know, say so. Commit to find out.
  9. Stay calm and steady.
  10. Invite feedback. Say, “Thank you,” when people tell you what they think.
  11. Give decisions and authority to others, even while you remain responsible. Trust others, if you expect them to trust you.
  12. Help others get where they want to go, as long as it helps your organization.

What makes people distrustful?

How might leaders create feelings of trust?

*Building Workplace Trust