7 Powerful Ways to Reignite Your Energy

The less energy you have the more negative you become.

Energized leaders are better.

the secret to managing energy is doing things that give energy

Low energy leaders:

  1. Feel unappreciated.
  2. Want to quit.
  3. Blow up.
  4. Can’t create or try new things.
  5. Believe the world is out to get them.

3 energy principles:

  1. Long-term success requires energy management.
  2. Prioritize energy by paying attention to things that fill or empty your tank.
  3. Law of energy: You can’t take out more than you put in and achieve richness of life.

The secret to managing energy is doing things that give energy.

7 ways to reignite your energy:

  1. Take a gratitude walk. “Almost everyday I take a walk of gratitude.”
  2. Create small wins. Progress energizes.
  3. Get up and walk for two or three minutes. Go back to work.
  4. Drink more water. “We’re 70% water not 70% diet coke.”
  5. Take a 20 minute power nap.”Tell the boss you’re meditating on the mission statement.”
  6. Monitor and mitigate negative thoughts. “You can’t be stressed and thankful at the same time.”
  7. Write thank you notes.

“To Thrive, our heart needs to be in gratitude mode.” Jon Gordon, author of, “The Energy Bus.”

Energy and interactions:

  1. Pay attention to small positives. Negatives have deeper impact than positives.
  2. Create positive interactions, even while working on problems.
  3. Touch. Human touch energizes. A pat on the back makes a difference.
  4. Eliminate technological interruptions.
  5. Beware energy vampires. “People who are serving out of obligation lose energy.”

“When we energize others we energize ourselves.”

Meaning, purpose, and energy:

  1. Pursue the happiness of others, if you want to find your own.
  2. Meaning precedes happiness. How does your work make the lives of others better?
  3. Faith answers fear. “Fear is surviving not thriving.”
  4. Forgive. Everyone who can’t forgive is drained by bitterness..
  5. Pray and meditate. “Just close your eyes and say, ‘Thank you God.’”

What drains your energy?
What energy tips help you?

All sentences with quotes in this post are from my conversation with Jon Gordon, author of, “The Energy Bus.” I called Jon last Tuesday to talk about energy. This post is inspired by that conversation.