12 Ways to Make the Most of Opportunities

Everyone who says, “I wish I had more opportunities,” doesn’t understand opportunities.

An opportunity is your chance to give before you get. An unmet need, for example, is an opportunity.

The door of opportunity swings on unexpected hinges.

resistance is the point of greatest opportunity

Not opportunity:

  1. Respect.
  2. Recognition.
  3. High impact.
  4. Position.
  5. Financial gain.

Everything I listed above comes after seizing opportunities. High impact, for example, comes after you give before you get.

12 ways to make the most of opportunities:

  1. Go small. Don’t worry about changing your entire organization; change your team. Don’t tell me how you’re going to change the world tomorrow. Change your neighborhood today.
  2. Step into resistance. The point of resistance is the point of greatest opportunity. You fear most, that which matters most.
  3. Join forces with someone who is already making a difference.
  4. Worry more about giving than receiving.
  5. Expect a lot. Bring a lot. Low standards never produce high results.
  6. Embrace the power of imperfect solutions. Don’t worry about solving everything, just solve something.
  7. Move first to meet needs, rather than pointing fingers and explaining what others should do.
  8. Enrich people by helping them find and live their passion.
  9. Ask, “How can I help.”
  10. Complain less. Every time you complain, be grateful for three things.
  11. Develop someone else’s skills by giving them an opportunity to serve.
  12. Try things. Clarity comes to those who take action; confusion to the inactive.

How might leaders identify and seize opportunities?