Stop squandering talent.

Boss less; coach more.

Research continues to show that nearly 7 out of 10 people are either passively or actively disengaged at work. (Gallup)

great coaches ignite talent-002

Coaching is an act of engagement that ignites, engages, and maximizes talent.

Coaching helps people:

  1. Engage in the process.
  2. Reflect on performance without feeling defensive.
  3. Feel hopeful about their future.
  4. Trust their managers, leaders, and themselves.

Moving toward a coaching management style:

  1. Commit to coaching as a strategy for developing talent and getting things done. One of the leaders I coach has a goal to dedicate over 50% of his time to coaching.
  2. Train management teams in coaching skills.
  3. Spend time assessing and understand your players. Great coaches know what makes people tick. Stop putting square pegs in round holes. They don’t like it.
  4. Expect people to own their own development. Engagement is both a top-down and bottom-up activity. The first quality of coachable employees is aspiration to be better.
  5. Create a systematic approach to coaching conversations. Try an acronym like PIT SIT’N.
    • PROBLEM or POSSIBILITY. What are you trying to achieve or solve?
    • IMAGINE things going perfectly. What does it look like? Draw a picture of success.
    • What are you currently TRYING?
    • What do you need to STOP? Motivated people often falsely believe that trying harder will magically make ineffective behaviors effective. Give it up.
    • What IMPERFECT behaviors will move the ball down the field? Go for a first down, not a touchdown. Perfect as you go, not before you go.
    • What specific behavior will you TRY this week? When? How?
    • NEXT week lets discuss:
      • What did you do?
      • How did it work?
      • What did you learn?
      • What will you do next week to continue moving forward?

Coaching-managers engage, develop, and maximize talent.

What does coaching-management look like to you?

What are the positives and negatives of moving toward coaching-management?