The 7 Pursuits of Successful Leaders

Neglect self-development; sacrifice potential.

Prioritize the acquisition of practical know-how in order to maximize impact.

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Wisdom is practical know-how, not theory.

The 7 pursuits of successful leaders:

  1. Practical know-how.
  2. Meaningful contribution.
  3. Deep relationships.
  4. Maximized talent.
  5. Productive teams.
  6. Expansive alliances.
  7. Remarkable results.

Don’t focus on gaining money, position, or prestige. Focus on developing useful skills.

The 12 sources of practical know-how:

  1. Finish things. Any knucklehead can start. It takes practical know-how to finish.
  2. Embrace the successes of others. Jealousy closes minds.
  3. Get up, after falling down. Practical know-how is found in getting up. Don’t beat yourself up – pick yourself up.
  4. Act on your highest point of confidence. If you aren’t sure what to do, do something that won’t make things worse.
  5. Press through adversity.
  6. Teach. Teachers always learn more than students.
  7. Figure out what works. Let others point out wrongs, you point out rights. It takes insight to identify behaviors that sustain and enhance success.
  8. Lean into confusion and create clarity.
  9. Learn from the mistakes of others. Accelerate your journey by avoiding what doesn’t work.
  10. Follow positive energy.
  11. Close your mouth.
  12. Act as if someone is watching, even when they aren’t.

Leaders with practical know-how:

  1. Make life better for others.
  2. Develop leaders.
  3. Inspire loyalty.
  4. Hold strong opinions with an open mind.
  5. Have tender hearts.
  6. Possess integrity, honesty, moral fortitude, and tender hearts.
  7. Make decisions based on principle, not the personalities involved. Leaders who bow down to power end up abusing those without power.

What are the sources of practical know-how?

What prevents leaders from developing practical know-how?