The Race to Insignificance or Issues of Greatness

Life’s darkest frustrations hover over the gap between feeling unimportant and hoping to be significant.

Desires for greatness are holy.

No one wakes up in the morning with burning desires to be trivial. But, the pain of feeling insignificant drives some to quench or ignore holy passions to matter.

embrace your holy desires for greatness one small act of service at a time..png

It feels safer to not reach for significance than to reach and fall short.

Pretending you don’t yearn to matter – to be great – sacrifices potential.

The race to insignificance:

  1. Allow others to define you.
  2. Serve yourself.
  3. Swim in shallow water.
  4. Don’t reflect on the journey.
  5. Pretend everything is just great.
  6. Wait for the “big” moment.
  7. Don’t try.

If, at the end of the day, you wonder what you did, change what you’re doing.

Issues of greatness:

The issues of greatness center on definition and method, not desire.


Greatness is serving. Greatness isn’t about others serving you. It’s about you serving others.

The more people you serve the greater you become.


  1. Fuel your desire for greatness by connecting with your authentic self. Authentic people aren’t ashamed of their desire to make a difference. Authenticity fuels passion and enables service.
  2. Forget balance. Balanced people are safe, dull, and marginally effective. Friends of ours retired and moved to China to work with orphans. Another couple spends most of their spare time working with college students. The truly great over-focus on serving.
  3. Face discontent with optimism. Millions of voices say you can’t. Find one reason you can and press forward.
  4. Surround yourself with success. I’ll never forget the day I asked a successful business man what he would do different. He said, “If I could go back, I’d take more risks.”

Embrace your holy desire for greatness one small act of service at a time.

What behaviors defeat the race toward insignificance?