How to Disrupt Your Way to Exponential Growth

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You inevitably arrive at a place where disruption is the only path forward. You die a little that day or you disrupt your way to fulfillment.

Life always has trajectory. 


Disruption is the path forward:

We all know people who chose smooth sailing and slipped into predictable boredom at the same time. Sail into the storm if you want to grow.

The path to exponential growth always includes – disruption – a letting go and a taking hold.

*7 ways to disrupt your way to exponential growth:

  1. Take the right risks.
  2. Play to your distinctive strengths.
  3. Embrace constraints. “Think of constraint as a tool of creation.” Whitney Johnson
    • Constraints lead to faster feedback.
    • Constraints help us solve for one variable at a time.
    • Constraints help us stay focused.
    • Constraints give us something to push against.
  4. Battle entitlement.
  5. Step back to grow.
  6. Give failure it’s due.
  7. Be discovery driven.

*From, “Disrupt Yourself.”

Step back to grow (#5):

You’re probably better at pushing through than stepping back. From my point of view, stepping back feels like giving up. But, you end up ineffective and frustrated when you refuse to step back.

Step back now or persist in behaviors and strategies that outlive their usefulness.

Whitney Johnson, says, “Disruption by definition involves moving sideways, back, or down, in order to move forward.

4 motivations to step back to grow:

  1. Lack of fulfillment.
  2. Persistent frustration.
  3. Nagging anxiety concerning missed opportunities.
  4. Prolonged periods of chasing your tail.

5 ways to step back to grow:

  1. Change roles within your organization.
  2. Change organizations.
  3. Set aside ego. Disruption includes feelings of incompetence. We’ll need to, “…know less than those around us.”
  4. Redefine success.
  5. Show up in new ways.

(Adapted from, “Disrupt yourself.”)

Bonus material:

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