The 7 Stages of Pivotal Growth

Steady as she goes makes sense for the short-sighted. But, exponential impact always requires transformation.

Powerful service flows from personal growth.

powerful service flows from personal growth.png

Lack of personal growth limits potential and impact.

Pivotal growth:

#1. Arrives unexpectedly. The most important moments on the journey surprise most of us. They often sneak up behind you or come in from the side.

#2. Involves others. Circumstances and events impact your journey, but the the thing that most changes you is people.

  • Someone will see strengths in you that you don’t see.
  • Someone will call you to take on new responsibilities.
  • Someone will confront or challenge you. They may not have your best interests in mind.
  • Someone will speak hard truths about your attitudes or behaviors.
  • Someone will challenge your assumptions.

#3. Feels awkward. Pivotal moments always feel dangerous. If it’s not awkward, it’s not pivotal.

#4. Includes self-reflection and shifts in perspective.

#5. Demands personal response.

  • Choose to agree with someone else’s assessment.
  • Cling to security or press into your future.
  • Realize that no decision is a decision.

#6. Requires change. More of the same results in more of the same. Growth requires you to let go of the known in order to grasp the unknown.

#7. Results in enhanced impact. Growth-moments are first steps toward service that calls you to step outside yourself. Your growth is for others.

Growth is outward focused and forward-facing.

Take control of your growth:

Go to a leader and ask…

  1. What do you see in me?
  2. What do you believe I could do that I’m currently missing?
  3. Who could I become?
  4. Where am I wasting effort?
  5. What danger signs do you see on my path?

Create growth moments for others:

Stage #2 of the “7 Stages of Pivotal Growth” is where you become a catalyst for others.

What do pivotal growth moments look like on your leadership journey?

How might you ignite growth in someone else?