The Darkness of Dreams

Dreams are obsessions. There’s nothing casual about them.

dreams are obsessions.png

The darkness of dreams is:

  1. Misunderstanding who you are. Those who strive to be like others will feel disillusioned in their future. Authenticity builds the dream.
  2. Beating yourself up because you should have done better. The darkness of dreams is self-accusation. 
  3. Holding others responsible for a distasteful present.
  4. Discontent with imperfect progress.
  5. Striving for self-sufficiency.
  6. Neglecting people.
  7. Assuming you will be different in the future.
  8. Assuming you will get there in giant leaps. Buckle in for the long haul.
  9. Waiting for “perfect” opportunities. 
  10. Defining the dream by what you receive, rather than what you give.
  11. Believing the future is changed by doing something tomorrow.
  12. Expecting the path to be straight. Dreams change as you change. The darkness of dreams is thinking what you want today is what you’ll want tomorrow.
  13. Listening to voices who don’t share your values.
  14. Repeating behaviors that produced an unsatisfactory present.
  15. Focusing on what you don’t want, without clarifying what you want.
  16. Protecting the past at the expense of the future.

Dreams that don’t impact behaviors are illusion.

7 simple tips for dreamers:

  1. Dreams find you. You don’t find them.
  2. Dreams form as you go. Dreams formed by those who haven’t done anything are silly fantasies.
  3. Distill your dream into daily behaviors that you enjoy. Being different – in this moment – is the stuff of dreams.
  4. When it comes to dreams, the path forward is always imperfect.
  5. Appreciate how far you’ve come even though you have so far to go.
  6. Small successes embolden you to imagine what might be. Dream small at first. Let big dreams emerge.
  7. Change your future by changing today. Your dream is too big, if you can’t, in small ways, step toward it today.

Bonus: If you aren’t sure of your dream, help someone with theirs.

Which item(s) on the “darkness” list seems most devastating to dreams?

What “tips for dreamers” might you offer?