16 Keys to Creating the Year You Want

Last year I enjoyed an engagement with the owner of four Midas stores in Richmond, VA. One of them is the #1 Midas store in the U.S. Mark Smith and I have become friends.

I was fascinated by an email he sent his team. I asked permission to share *most of it.

when ever you have lot's of well-intentioned people framing a problem differently you get complexity.png-001

Good Morning,

Why do I take the approach I do?

  1. I don’t make choices. I create the choices that are ideal for any given situation, then optimize the outcomes.
  2. The voice(s) in my head are larger and louder than any other. When there are compelling reasons to turn off outside voices, I do.
  3. I’m willing to take action in the absence of absolute expertise.
  4. How I conduct myself is more important than the success I create on any given day – fact is, we’ll win some and we’ll lose some.
  5. I thoroughly enjoy your success. Mine is not a zero sum game.
  6. I pay attention to patterns, not isolated incidents.
  7. The quality of answers I get depends on the quality of questions I ask.
  8. Discipline is important. Perfection is folly.
  9. Once a day, I take 15 minutes to slow down, linger, savor, and absorb.
  10. Whenever you have lots of well-intentioned people framing a challenge differently, you get complexity.
  11. No amount of motivation will ever cause shame to be a motivator.
  12. I have no interest in learning a single skill that allows me to live a routine.
  13. I am a big fan of other successful people. Success is a choice that is created – not bought, earned, or entitled – chosen.
  14. I need to be where my feet are – always.
  15. She does, he does, they do. So, why not me?
  16. Today is yours to own. Don’t transfer ownership to anyone – that gives them rent free space in your head.

Which of these ideas resonate with you?

What might you add?

*The original list had 18 items. It’s been edited for length.

This is a blended set of ideas that come from articles in Inc, The Art of Pilgrimage, Driven to Delight, Leadership Freak, and Rotman Management Winter 2016.

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