The 10 Practices of Coaching-Leaders Pt. 3

Leaders who neglect their team’s energy, inevitably encounter an energy crisis.

Energy management is people management.

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The ten practices of coaching-leaders pt. 3:

#7. Monitor and manage energy.

Energy makes results possible. 

  1. Spend more time exploring solutions than problems.
  2. Have coachees list de-energizers down one side of a sheet of paper. On the other side, list energizers.
    1. How might you minimize or eliminate de-energizers?
    2. How might de-energizers be transformed to energizers?
    3. How might you maximize energizers?
  3. Talk about what’s working, more than what’s not.
    1. Tell me about a time when you did the right thing.
    2. Tell me about a time when you went beyond the call of duty.
    3. How might you let colleagues know you respect/appreciate them?
  4. Turn falling short into positive aspiration, not billy clubs. Beatings seldom energize.

#8. Inspire ownership by aligning values, strengths, and purpose.

  1. Reflect on your week. What did you do that makes you feel proud?
  2. How do you feel about your recent achievements? What did you do to reach them?
  3. When coachees feel awkward talking about strengths, ask, “What might need to shift in your thinking?”

#9. Establish and clarify goals. You can either focus on the distance you have to go and complain, or choose progress today.

  1. Get to positive goals quickly. Talk about problems only long enough for coachees to understand them. Generate possible solutions early in coaching conversations.
  2. Goals generate and harness energy. Running around with your hair on fire squanders energy and makes things worse.
  3. Translate distant goals into daily behaviors. It’s easy to set a goal. Leader-coaches ask, “What behaviors will help you reach your goals?”

Goals need behaviors like fish need fins.

#10. Establish self-designed accountability. Ultimately, we hold ourselves accountable. Anything else is coercion. Ask coachees, “With your goals in mind, what would you like me to ask you next time we meet?”

What practices might you suggest for coaching-leaders?


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