4 Benefits of Weakness

Strengths take you further than weaknesses, but turning a blind eye to your weaknesses limits your potential.

Strength-based leadership is no excuse to ignore the benefits of weakness.

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Leaders without weakness are:

  1. Clueless.
  2. Closed.
  3. Disconnected.
  4. Arrogant.
  5. Lonely.
  6. Frustrated with others.
  7. Dangerous.

Leaders who don’t acknowledge, accept, and deal with their weaknesses are out of touch with themselves and others.

Four benefits of weakness:

#1. Knowing your weakness is protection.

Leaders who don’t acknowledge their weaknesses flounder in the end. Weaknesses tell you what you shouldn’t do. If you’re the idea person, chances are you desperately need organizers on your team.

Creatives, in order to succeed, must embrace and celebrate organizers. But, the trouble is organizers frustrate creatives. “Let’s just get going. We’ll figure it out.”

Embrace those with strengths that frustrate but expand you.

#2. Knowing your weakness opens your heart to receive help.

Receiving help expands your life and leadership.

#3. Knowing your weakness helps you honor the strength of others.

Honor affirms that others fulfill a purpose. Fulfilling a purpose enhances meaning.

Your weakness lets others know they matter.

Your weakness makes you tolerable to the rest of us when you acknowledge, accept, and deal with it.

#4. Some weaknesses enhance strengths.

This morning I took the VIA Survey of Character Strengths and Virtues. I received a list of twenty-four character strengths and virtues. Creativity, love of learning, honesty, and curiosity come most naturally to me.

Prudence was way down the list at #22. I say or do things I might regret later. I take undue risks.

You probably shouldn’t trust me to manage your retirement fund. But, I’m willing to risk telling you what I see, even if it feels awkward. That makes me useful as a coach or adviser. Even if you don’t agree, you’ll have something to chew on.

What benefits might weakness bring to leaders?

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