How to Make The Timid Bold

He told me about problems and challenges. I asked him, “What qualities and skills do you currently possess that enable you to face these challenges?”

People lose boldness when they forget who they are.

the next time someone explains a problem remind them how they're suited to solve it -1

Inspire people to bring their best by reconnecting them with their best selves.

10 questions that instill boldness:

Talk less about problems and more about people.

  1. What personal qualities do you possess that equip you to address this issue?
  2. How do your passions connect to this challenging opportunity?
  3. What skills have you developed that apply to this challenge?
  4. Tell me how you dealt with something like this in the past.
  5. What have you recently learned that gives you strength to deal with this problem?
  6. How will succeeding with this problem help you become who you want to be?
  7. What skills do you currently possess that enable you to thrive in this situation?
  8. How might you bring your best self to this challenge?
  9. What might you do that will make you proud?
  10. Who do you aspire to be while solving this problem?

There are two types of questions in the list. Questions that focus on personal qualities and questions that center on skills. Begin with personal qualities. What is there about you that enables you to step up?

After reconnecting with character, move to skills. What skills might you have that enable you to deal with this?

Remind then ask:

Big challenges give strong people amnesia.

The next time someone explains a problem, remind them how they’re suited to solve it. “I think you’re really suited to succeed in this situation because….”

Then ask, “What do you think?”

Have confidence in others if you expect boldness from them.

How do leaders drain boldness from others?

How might leaders instill boldness in others?

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