7 Questions to Ask Before Pursuing a New Job

Run toward new opportunities, not away from your current situation. It’s too easy to jump from the pan into the fire.

run toward new opportunities, not away from your current situation

3 must do’s before pursuing new job opportunities:

  1. Have a deep conversation with the person who left the position you’re considering. This option is most useful if they have left the organization.
  2. Evaluate the strengths and weakness of your future team. Teams are key factors in leadership success. Superstars who leave a well functioning machine often flounder in new roles.
  3. Argue for both options. List 5 reasons it would be better to stay. List 5 reasons it would be better to take the new opportunity. Which set of reasons reflects who you aspire to be?

Bonus: Don’t devalue current opportunities with imagined options.

7 questions to ask before accepting a new job:

  1. What qualities do you share with the people who are already succeeding in the prospective organization?
  2. What’s the worst you can think about the new option? If you can’t think of negatives, you aren’t thinking clearly.
  3. What do you enjoy about your current position? How much of that enjoyment will you find in a new position?
  4. What do trusted advisers think? Your spouse?
  5. Where will you sit in the pecking order? Consider real power structures compared to official hierarchy.
  6. What strengths do you have that others don’t? How will you stand out?
  7. What do current employees enjoy about work? How do the things they enjoy connect with your values? Do they talk about development opportunities or retirement plans?

Bonus: Check out the key players in the new organization on social media. How do their values align with yours?

Which questions are most useful?

What suggestions do you have for someone considering a new job opportunity?

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