The Three Focal Points of Leadership

Unfocused leaders live frantic shallow frustrated lives. Worse yet, they lead unfocused teams.

Hopping from one shiny object to the next drains energy and dilutes impact.

self-awareness includes seeing yourself through the eyes of others

4 fundamentals of focus:

  1. Focus is clarity of purpose.
  2. Focus is courage to say yes only to what matters most.
  3. Focus is power to maximize results and increase impact. Apart from focus, leaders stand ankle deep before an  ocean of opportunity.
  4. Focus is harmonizing the external self with the internal.

3 focal points:

Daniel Goleman writes in Harvard Business Review that focused leaders give attention to self, others, and the wider world.

“… a failure to focus inward leaves you rudderless, a failure to focus on others renders you clueless, and a failure to focus outward may leave you blindsided.” Daniel Goleman

The self and others:

Self-awareness includes seeing yourself through the eyes of others. Focused leaders know themselves; unfocused feel isolated.

You’re never fully yourself in isolation.

It’s rare to see yourself through the eyes of others, but keep trying.

  1. Reveal your true thoughts, motivations, and intentions in order to receive useful feedback. Mask-wearing blocks insight.
  2. Dig into irritating feedback. Comfortable input is confirming but not transformative.
  3. Avoid the tendency to fall back on, “That’s just how I am,” when you receive disconfirming feedback.
  4. Know that your default responses don’t work in every situation.
  5. Accept, don’t judge, your less effective behaviors and traits.

Reflect on impact:

Focus is pouring energy into impactful behaviors and activities, not simply knowing your strengths. Know your results.

How do your strengths impact others?

One of my strengths is asking questions. More importantly, the impact of my strength is that others make discoveries and find insight.

Know yourself by understanding your impact – others reveal your impact.

How might leaders find focus?

How might leaders help others find focus?

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