How to Stay Focused on What Matters Most

At the end of the day you’re spent, but wonder what you achieved. The path to success is doing what matters most.

The seduction of busyness obscures what matters most.

the seduction of busyness obscures what matters most

What matters most:

The persistent pursuit of what matters most is the beginning of doing what matters most. The thing itself is seldom fully clear. Daily pursuit is all there is.

4 seductions from what matters most:

The power of seduction is its beauty.

#1. Problems and problem solving.

The deadliest seduction leaders face is the wrong-headed focus on solving problems, rather than seizing opportunities. Positive aspiration – working toward something –  is more powerful than focusing on something you don’t want.

Some leaders fear they wouldn’t matter if they weren’t solving problems. In reality, you matter most by pushing toward positive objectives.

Solving problems may inflate your ego, but it’s reactive leadership.

Ignoring problems is a problem, but spend 80% of your time pursuing pre-defined objectives.

#2. Urgencies.

The delight in people running to you with urgencies is a weak leader’s way of feeling important. In reality, it’s an indication of failed leadership. 

Take action on emergencies. Reject the notion that urgencies are priorities.

#3. Failure to reflect and rigorously evaluate your use of time.

#4. Adopting someone’s monkey.

A team member says, “Did you know about … (insert issue)?” What they really mean is, “YOU should do something about that.”Being good hearted, you unwittingly adopt their monkey.

You end up living by someone else’s values and priorities.

The monkey rule: The person who sees the issue must be involved in solving the issue. Sometimes they have a self-serving agenda anyway.

Devote 80% of your energy pursuing objectives you have chosen, not the ones someone else chooses for you. This principle applies to teams as well.

Don’t stand aloof from other people’s concerns. Just don’t adopt monkeys.

How might leaders identify what matters most.

What distracts leaders from what matters most?

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