7 Scheduling Tips Guaranteed to Increase Productivity and Enhance Fulfillment

A chicken without a head is active but not productive.

Productivity is about being effective with your time, energy, resources, and talent.


Calendar and schedule:

Tenaciously manage your time if you ever hope to achieve amazing results.

#1. Monitor your use of time. Many leaders find, after monitoring their use of time, that they’re chasing distractions and doing things others should do. Keep a time journal for a week.

#2. Schedule time when you don’t do things for others. I try to concentrate appointments on specific days. Monday is usually the lightest day of my week.

#3. Choose one priority a day. 

Tip: Delete items from to-do lists that you’ve been carrying forward for several days. They drain you.

#4. Schedule blocks of heads-down work time. Close your door. Turn off email and the phone. Hang a sign on your door that says, ‘Do not disturb’. (Give your entire office permission to block out uninterrupted work time.)

#5. Check email at the top and bottom of the hour.

#6. Launch early. Stop working, reworking, and perfecting before you launch. I give myself a maximum of two hours to get a 300 word article written and posted. The article I post is never perfect. My wife and readers point out misspellings, confusing sentences, and grammar errors. Editing happens on the fly.

#7. Go to bed early so you can get up early.

Bonus tip: Get someone else to work for you.

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Pour into your leadership if you expect amazing results from your leadership.

How might leaders manage their time in order to achieve amazing results?