You’ll Never Be Great and Ungrateful at the Same Time

Unexpressed gratitude is ungratefulness to those around you.


An unexpected gratitude list for leaders:

  1. Celebrate the circumstances you’re tempted to complain about. Challenges teach you more than ease. Character directly connects to the adversities you have pushed through.
  2. Appreciate the second chance others give you. Remember how others adapt when you try new ideas.
  3. Value opportunities to learn. Feeling like others always need to learn from you often produces ungratefulness in you.
  4. Respect the shoulders you stand on. The good others see in you resided in someone before you. Self-made is an arrogant myth.
  5. Admire those who choose to follow your leadership.
  6. Recognize that problems and challenges add value to your leadership.
  7. Acknowledge that serving is a privilege. Expressing gratitude shifts your thinking from burden to opportunity. Enjoy your seat at the table.

Gratitude from you:

  1. Confirms that others matter.
  2. Releases from the past.
  3. Strengthens connection.
  4. Infuses with energy.

Express it, don’t wait to feel it.

Think about who or what you should feel grateful for even if you don’t feel it. Make a list. Write a note. Make a call. Pat someone on the back.

Perhaps the greatest power of gratitude is it changes you.

What or who is on your gratitude list?

How might leaders express gratitude?