5 Ways to be Thankful Like a Leader

When people think of you, are their hearts filled with gratitude? If they are, it’s because you poured value into their lives.



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7 principles of generosity, gratitude, and influence:

  1. The opportunity to give indicates you have already received.
  2. Servant-leaders ask, “What’s in it for others?”
  3. Open your heart before you have everything you want.
  4. Generosity is privilege, not obligation.
  5. Pour into those who pour out for others. Don’t pour into black holes.
  6. You end up empty if all you do is give.
  7. Being respected amplifies gratitude. The more authority you have, the more powerful your expressions of gratitude.

Generosity enlarges others.

5 ways to be thankful like a leader:

Gratitude is a door left ajar that opens hearts and expands influence.

  1. Worry more about expressing gratitude than receiving it.
  2. Notice things. Rise above tendencies to walk down the hall lost in thought.
  3. Take another’s perspective. What’s it like to be in their shoes? Say what you feel.
  4. Remember why you hired them in the first place?
  5. Allow gratitude to stand on its own. Don’t use it as a lever.

How might you be thankful like a leader today?