The Single Most Transformative Force in Leadership

The single most transformative force in leadership is a conversation.

Conversations with leaders, authors, and coaching clients changed me most in 2016. It’s that way every year.

We grow in community, not isolation.


3 conversations:

I was fortunate to have conversations with several authors in 2016. Here’s a sampling.

#1. The Outward Mindset – Seeing Beyond Ourselves, The Arbinger Institute.

Transformative insight: Humility stays intensely curious about people. 

If you want to be humble, stay curious about people. The seduction of providing answers often short-circuits curiosity.

Our need to have answers blocks curiosity, hinders connection, and limits exploration.

Mitchell Warner gives a nutshell summary of the book in five minutes.

#2. Winning Well, Karin Hurt and David Dye.

Transformative insight: Relational accountability comes from a position of support, rather than gotcha.

3 steps to delegating so nothing falls through the cracks:

  1. Establish a clear outcome, not the process. Delegating the process is micromanaging.
  2. Set a clear deadline.
  3. The magic of delegation: have a meeting where the project is handed back.

This is the only video interview I posted in 2016.

#3. The Go-Giver Leader, Bob Burg and John David Mann.

Transformative insight: “You can lead only as far as you grow.”

Let go the idea that you already understand. “Go-Giver Leaders take responsibility to understand where others are coming from and clarify where they are coming from.” Bob Burg

5 practices of Go-Giver Leaders:

  1. Don’t get it backwards: don’t start thinking you’re the deal.
  2. Great leadership is never about the leader.
  3. Great leadership is about holding people up.
  4. The best way to increase your influence is to give it away.
  5. The more you give, the more you have.


Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami, Steven Goldstein

That’s Not How We Do it Here, John Kotter

DEALSTORMING: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges, Tim Sanders

What conversations in 2016 had a transformative impact on your leadership journey?