5 Insights I Learned From Top Authors in 2016

If you’re not learning, you’re dying.


5 insights I learned from top authors in 2016

#1. Organizations need both disruption and stability to thrive. That’s Not How We Do it Here, John Kotter.

Over-managed organizations can’t keep up in changing times. Over-led organizations eventually implode.

Management is about stability. Leadership is about disruption.

  1. Work toward networks rather than formal structures.
  2. Get clear about what it looks like when leaders and managers appreciate each other’s strengths and perspectives.
  3. Establish boundaries. Let people know where you’re not going.
  4. Make things happen faster rather than slower. Adopt a “let’s try it” approach”.

Listen to John Kotter discuss ideas about over-managed and under-led.

#2. Move toward your humanity, not your title. Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami, Steven Goldstein.

  1. Tell stories.
  2. Let people see your personality.
  3. Show a little emotion.
  4. Move away from stereotypical boss behaviors.

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#3. Explore assumptions. DEALSTORMING: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges, Tim Sanders.

When someone nominates an idea, ask, “What assumptions are behind that idea?” Don’t pick apart ideas. Debate assumptions not implementation.

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#4 Mistakes aren’t the end of the world. Sometimes they’re the beginning. What Made Me Who I Am, Bernie Swain.

Bernie’s book gives readers the opportunity to learn about tipping points in the lives of 34 high-profile leaders.

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#5 Bonus: Focus on the next best play, not winning.

You don’t win by focusing on winning. You win by finding and executing the next best play. Mike Krzyzewski. One of the greatest basketball coaches of all time, Coach Wooden said, “I never talked about winning.” (From: Dealstorming.)

What insights are changing your leadership?