New Questions for Leadership Tipping Points

The opportunity and ability to step into a tipping point makes us feel responsible, powerful, and apprehensive.

Every decision both responds to and creates a tipping point.

New questions for leadership tipping points:


The pursuit of ease makes you matter less.

Ease in small doses expands capacity, but in large doses destroys us.

  1. How might this decision challenge you in new ways?
  2. How might new challenges become personal growth points?

Please know that I’m not encouraging workaholism. However, making a difference requires getting your hands dirty.


Every decision contributes to trajectory.

The consequence of decisions is real direction, not intended direction. You’re always heading somewhere.

  1. How does this decision reflect a “running toward” attitude, rather than running away?
  2. What are you running toward?

Long-term or short-term:

The appeal of short-term perspectives is immediate gratification, sometimes at the expense of long-term value.

Crisis requires short-term perspective. Put the fire out! But constant “crisis mode” sacrifices the future on the altar of urgency.

  1. How does making this decision reflect a long-term perspective?
  2. How does making this decision reflect a short-term perspective?


Life is relationships, nothing more, nothing less.

  1. What new relationships might result from making this decision?
  2. How does this decision impact current relationships?
  3. How might new relationships expand capacity and/or capability?


Tipping points include opportunities to both receive and give value.

  1. What new opportunities for service are available?
  2. How might your strengths find new expressions?

5 general questions:

  1. How does making this decision reflect a commitment to something greater?
  2. How are you expressing your best self?
  3. How are you expressing the self you hope to become?
  4. How much of this decision is motivated by fear?
  5. How much of this decision is motivated by dissatisfaction?

What questions might leaders ask when facing tipping points?