Seven Ways to be Thankful Like a Leader

Gratitude dies when you think it but don’t say it.

Problems and pressure suck gratitude out of your soul. But the practice of aspirational gratitude elevates you and energizes the people around you.

Fear-filled organizations have forgotten the practice of gratitude.

Seven ways to be thankful like a leader:

Think of gratitude as pouring energy into others.

#1. Make a list of 5 people and find one expression of gratitude for each one. (Do this in the parking lot before you enter the shop or office.)

If you find it challenging to express gratitude, practice in the car before walking into the office or shop.

#2. Let gratitude be the first thing out of your mouth. Begin conversations and meetings with, “I’m thankful for … .”

#3. Ask team leaders, “What praiseworthy qualities do you see in the people on your team?”

#4. Don’t wait for exceptional results to say thank you. Where would you be if everyone stopped doing the every-day-good-job they do everyday?

Negativity dominates organizations when gratitude is reserved for exceptional results.

#5. Pause, look someone in the eye, and smile, when saying thank you. (If smiling is too much for you, try curving the corners of your mouth just a little.)

#6. Add skin. Pat someone on the back. Shake hands. If you’re adventurous, pat their hand when you shake it.

#7. Walk out of work expressing gratitude.

Let gratitude be the last thing out of your mouth at the end of the day.

Gratitude tips:

Get specific. Stop using “good job” as your expression of gratitude. Notice character, skills, behaviors, energy, attitudes, and progress, not just results.

When you reserve gratitude for endings, people feel they’ve arrived. Notice the work that produces endings if you want to energize work.

Bonus benefit:

Gratitude opens hearts and enables commitments.

How might you be thankful like a leader today?